Sapphire & White Zirconia Necklace

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The dazzling sapphire-blue zirconia pendant is beautiful and sensual with a feminine cut. Crafted from solid sterling silver dazzle with the shine of a thousand stars with the white zirconia-pavé stones surrounding the blue stones. 

Category: Necklace
Material: 925 Sterling silver, 
Stones: sapphire and white zirconia stones
Pendant Size: Blue stones range from 4mm - 7mm. The larger clusters that dangle from the v-shape are approximately 11mm with the centre blue stone measuring 7mm. The smaller clusters within the v-shape measure 8mm in width with 5mm centre stones. The small single blue stones measure 4mm. The overall length of the part that hangs down from the v-shape is approximately  38mm (3.8cm). 
Necklace length (approximate): Adjustable from 16" to 18 inches